SPF values only refer to UVB protection

SPF values only refer to UVB protection

Did you know that the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) only refers to UVB radiation protection? As a consequence if no UVA radiation protection is used, up to 50% of the UVA radiation is reaching your skin dermis (1).

Although UVA radiation does not burn the skin, it is also involved in skin cancer as UVB radiation. Moreover, UVA radiation induces skin ageing (2).

Cells, molecules and blood capillaries from the dermis absorb UVA radiation. As a consequence, FREE OXYGEN RADICALS and DNA INJURIES are generated. Oxygen radicals and DNA injuries turn into SKIN PHOTOAGEING and SKIN CANCER.

The prevalence of cancer and early skin ageing varies between countries. This is due to skin tone changes, geographic aspects and light-defense habits. UVA radiation hits continuosly on the population across the world. The reason for this is that UVA radiation vary less with latitude, season, time, meteorological conditions and ozone layer thickeness than UVB does.

*The European Union states that the ratio between UVA and UVB protection (UVA/UVB) has to be above 0.3 in order to protect skin from dermis injuries.

ADParticles UV filters have a UVA/UVB ratio up to 0.8, more than twice the EU statement.



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