Organic UV filters as hormonal dysruptors


A study carried out by Strajhar et al., 2017 shows how octocrylene and methoxycinnamate dysrupt the molecule pathways required for steroid hormone synthesis in the adrenal cortex.

The study relies on an improved method for detecting the effect of hormone dysrupting chemicals. Human cells from the adrenal cortex (H295R) were utilized in this work.


  • Strajar et al., “Steroid profiling in H295R cells to identify chemicals potentially disrupting the prodution of adrenal steroids”, Toxicology 2017, 381, 51-56

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  • Sam De Coster and Nicolas van Larebeke, “Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals: Associated Disorders and Mechanisms of Action”, Journal of Environmental and Public Health 2012, Article ID 713696, 52 pages, 2012. doi:10.1155/2012/713696

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