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EnhanceU cosmetic ingredients can be used in the formulation of natural sun care products. EnhanceU products are of mineral origin and they are not nanometric in size. Two very valued features in eco-friendly sunscreen and colour cosmetics formulation.

Nano free

European regulation (CE1223/2009) specifies that the name of nano-sized ingredients must be followed by the term “NANO” in parenthesis in the packaging and labelling. According to the current definition of the term nanoparticle, the particle size of our products is not in the nanometric scale, thus avoiding the current controversy about the effects of nanoparticles on health and environment.


To ensure good skin protection against sun exposure, European legislation requires a balance between the active ingredients of UVB and UVA protection and therefore the ratio UVAPF / SPF must be greater than 0.3. It also establishes that the critical wavelength (CW) must be greater than 370 nm. CW value indicates the absorption equilibrium of a UV filter throughout the electromagnetic spectrum being defined as the wavelength at which the integral of the spectral absorbance curve reached 90% of the integral from 290 to 400 nm.

Our UV filters not only meet these criteria but also exceed them, and these parameters are indicative of the high quality these products offer.


Our ingredients do not possess the risks associated to the handling and use of nanoparticles at laboratory or production steps, i.e. diminishing the possibility of inhalation and contamination via the skin, making the work of these professionals easier and safer.

Our filters provide broadband protection against the harmful health effects of sunlight exposure, such as premature wrinkles, blemishes or more serious skin cancer problems.

Our fliters permits safe tanning all year round thanks to its excellent product lines.


Our products grant enhanced protection against the appearance of wrinkles, sunspots, skin radiance and loss of elasticity, resulting from daily exposure to solar UV radiation.

Our filters permit to keep the skin healthy and protected against sun damage throughout the year.


Our mineral filters are compatible with the usual cosmetic ingredients, giving benefit to the formulation of products i.e. sensitive skins or ecological sunscreen creams.


Best cosmetics raw material recommended by Halal Guide 2016