Nanofree solutions for cosmetics.

A range of innovative cosmetic ingredients based on physical UV filters developed with an ADParticles patented technology based on a revolutionary method for the dry dispersion of nanoparticles, with properties suitable for use as UV filter in color skin care and sun care.


A Range of Premium Cosmetic ingredients ECOCERT certified.



A Range of Cosmetic ingredients with improved quality/price ratio.




EnhanceU cosmetic ingredients can be used in the formulation of natural sun care products. EnhanceU products are of mineral origin and they are not nanometric in size. Two very valued features in eco-friendly sunscreen and colour cosmetics formulation.

Particle Size

European regulations (CE1223/2009) specifies that nano-sized ingredients must be followed by the term “NANO” in parenthesis in the packaging and labelling. According to the current definition of the term nanoparticle, the particle size of Our products are not in the nanometric scale, thus avoiding the current controversy about the effects of nanoparticles on health and environment.


Halal Ready

Best cosmetics raw material recommended by Halal Guide 2016


Improved efficacy
Cost reduction
Safe handling and use

Nano free

According to the current definition of the term nano-particle: Our filters are not considered nano-scale. European regulation (CE1223/2009) specifies that nano-sized ingredients must be present on the label and packaging with the term “NANO” in parenthesis. According to current definition and terms of nano-particles, EnhanceU filters are not considered nanometric, therefore avoiding the current controversy about the effects of nano-particles on health and the environment.

Skin color

As a part of the EnhanceU line, ADP Cosmetics has developed a range of products that provide sun protection and colour to your formulas, in just one ingredient. Available in three shades (EnhanceU-T-light, EnhanceU-T-medium and EnhanceU-T-warm) these cosmetic ingredients are the ideal allies to formulate your make-up, powder, foundation, BB & CC creams.
Looking for a different colour? EnhanceU-T-exclusive is your option, a custom-made cosmetic ingredient that combines physical UV filters and the colour you demand.

Aluminium free

Aluminium is one of the most popular TiO2 coating used to reduce the photocatalytic activity. However, a recent recommendation from the SCCS has revealed that the use of aluminium in cosmetic products may not be safe.
For this reason, EnhanceU products possess silica to prevent free radicals formation that can deteriorate the formula. At the same time, this coating provides good photostability without being harmful to health.

Good Photostability

Titanium dioxide, under UV radiation exposure, possesses a high photocatalytic activity, which in turn can be a problem for the photostability of the formula. To minimize the photocatalytic activity while maintaining protection against UV radiation thanks to coatings as silica.


Our filters are compatible with the usual cosmetic ingredients, giving an added value, for example, to the formulation of products for sensitive skins or ecological sunscreen creams.

With support from CSIC

Our Company has its origin in the development of a nanoparticle dry dispersion technology by a team of scientists from the CSIC (The Spanish National Research Council), the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain and the third largest in Europe. The company has been promoted and founded by an internationally renowned specialist in this area: José F. Fernández Lozano (Research Professor from ICV-CSIC). In addition to ICV-CSIC, three other CSIC centres collaborate on technology and transfer activities bringing the advances in nanotechnology to the market.


ICV-CSIC (Institute of Ceramics and Glass)
ICP-CSIC (Institute of Catalysts and Petrochemical)
IMM-CSIC (Institute of Microelectronic of Madrid).


Broad spectrum protection

The technology used for the production of our filters allows obtaining materials with good protection against UV radiation, good photostability and compatibility with the usual cosmetic ingredients.